SynapseSystems is a small company (my wife and I) intent on growing. My intent is to produce a product so useful and affordable that its icon will have a place on the desktop of every person who analyzes data for any reason.

GUIPlot was originally developed for my own use in my job as an electronics test engineer. It is designed to fill a niche in the marketplace between high-priced, high-powered, but difficult to use, data analysis software that runs on workstations, and the user-friendly, office-oriented spreadsheet-like applications found on most of today's PCs.

The current product is very useful, but it is only the foundation. Every attempt will be made to incorporate capabilities based on actual user needs without sacrificing the program's simplicity. You can help me set priorities and give me new ideas by trying the demo and mailing me your comments.

Thank you for your interest. If the program doesn't quite do what you need now, be sure to check back now and again. It will continue to grow.

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