GUIPlot Download Page

System Requirements

486 with math co-processor or better
Microsoft Windows 95, 98 or NT 4.0 or later
System memory required depends on size of data files to be processed

Download GUIPlot Version 3.4

To download and install GUIPlot, simply download the appropriate version and execute the self-extracting archive.

NOTE: The file you download from here will, when executed, automatically extract its contents to your temp folder then invoke the GUIPlot setup program. If you would like to extract the contents yourself (to perform a virus scan, for instance) you can read and extract the archive with Winzip.

If you decide to purchase the release version after trying the demo, simply install over the demo to keep any configuration settings intact. The same applies to installing new versions over old ones; simply choose the same installation folder where your existing installation resides.

An uninstall program is provided that will completely remove the installation if desired.

The setup program will install GUIPlot, some samples, a help file, and the Uninstall program. It will also give you options on where you would like shortcuts. Having one on the desktop is very handy, since you can drop files on it. Having GUIPlot on the SendTo menu is a must. Also, the filename extension .GPO will be registered with the operating system for opening GUIPlot objects. If the extension is already registered by another application, you will be prompted to make a decision.

For the demo version,
Download GP3_DEMO.EXE (597K)


For registered users,
Download GP3_SETUP.EXE (595K)
(requires registration key)

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