GUIPlot And The Year 2000

Starting with version 3.0, GUIPlot can parse dates from data files in many different formats. Years in all supported formats can be either 2-digit or four-digit, but must fall within the range of 1970-2038. This limitation is imposed by the C++ compiler used to build the program.

One definition of year 2000 compliance is as follows:

"A program must not cease to function or loose accuracy when the year changes to 2000."

Since GUIPlot will not accept dates outside the above-mentioned window, the year 2000 change from 99 to 00 on 2-digit dates will not cause any ambiguity in GUIPlot since the year 1900 is outside of the supported range.

Dates before 1970 or after 2038 can be parsed as ordinary numbers and used to generate coordinates but the scale will not be displayed as dates.

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